Offset Printing

Offset Printing

Mazoon printing is a Muscat based digital printing company. It specializes is digital printing as a printing technique in which the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket and then to a printing surface. We also use the technique with a lithographic process that is based on repulsion of oil and water.The offset technique used by us involves a flat image carrier. It works by transferring ink to the image areas of the image carrier and the water roller puts water-based film to the non-image areas.

Benefits of hiring offset printing from Mazoon printing:

Mazoon printing for offset printing Company in Oman/Muscat offer the following advantages as compared to other printing methods:

  • Consistency- our offset printing has the biggest benefit of producing sharp and clean images as compared to others. This high quality images are due to rubber blanket conforming the texture to the printing surfaces.

  • Swift- we are equipped for providing quick and easy production of printing plates.

  • Budget–friendly- offset printing from us has the most important benefit of producing high quality prints in commercial printing quantities.

  • High quality plates- in our printing technique there is no direct contact between the plate and printing surface. The developed plates when used with optimized inks and fountain solution the shelf life of plates increases manifolds, giving more than a million impressions, therefore the cost of printing reduces and life of plates increases, further reducing the costs.

  • Adjustability- our printing technique has the amazing ability to transfer the amount of ink with adjustments on the fountain roller with screw keys. With the screws the operator alters the gap between blade and fountain roller, this can either increase or decrease the amount of ink to be applied on different spaces, therefore adding extra finesse to work.

  • Sharp and clear offset printing; with the paper surrounding the ink dots going unprinted is offered by Mazoon printing.