Foil Stamping

Foil Stamping

Hot stamping, foil stamping, or foiling is a method where the pre dried ink is transferred to a surface at high temperature. It was started in 19th century and ever since then it has diversified and gained popularity. In 1970s, it became a popular method for decorating the plastic products. Mazoon printing is a pioneer name in the field of foil printing Oman. The does and foils used by us give amazing finish and clarity of the words. The foils that we use are multilayered coatings transferred to the surface of product. We specialize in both:

  • Non- Metallic foils includes adherence base, a color layer, and a release layer

  • Metallic foils are same as the above with the only difference that color layer is replaced with a layer of chrome or vacuum-metalized aluminum.

We undertake foil printing for marking plastic, gadgets, leather, or for security printing. With the best quality raw materials and equipment we produce the desired results for foil printing.