Digital Printing

Digital Printing

There could be a situation in your production plant where there is a need of mass production for production plants. Then the shift from mass-production to multi-project, high mix and low-volume production happens with digital printing, at Mazoon Printing, in Muscat.

Digital printing in Muscat with Mazoon Printing will prove to be beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Color quality- we provide various possibilities with full color and gradation print even with limited colors.

  • Simple- it is a very simple process when done with us, as we are equipped with knowledge and expertise to do digital printing with extreme clarity.

  • Swift delivery- we do not use plates for printing and thus a lot of time is saved enabling smooth and swift delivery.

  • Color matching time is reduced- we can create single sample with the same quality as the final product with original design. With digital data it gets easy and simple to match color and the production can start immediately.

  • Cost effective- we offer low rates due to low cost of production as printing without plates is done by us.

  • Small volume production- on-demand and only one production are possible for us and thus we can cater to all types of parties and their requirements.