Braille Packaging Company Oman

Braille Packaging

Braille packages are specially designed embossing the product details using Braille characters engraved on them. Mazoon Printing, Publishing and Packaging LLC has launched Braille Packaging keeping the blind customers of our clients in mind. Engraving braille characters on the packages provide the visually challenged persons with information regarding the product. The pharmaceutical sector is the primary user of Braille cartons. Other sectors also are moving towards braille packaging to help the blind.

The pharmaceutical industry is slowly adopting braille packages in order for visually impaired people to easily understand product information.

Mazoon Printing, Publishing, and Packaging LLC produce high-quality Braille boxes for the pharmaceutical industry and other industries. Our professionals maintain the quality requirements by imprinting the braille characters in a synchronised manner on every carton assuring complete assistance to the blind.

According to the figures available from the World Health Organization (WHO), 300 million people worldwide are visually impaired. As this constitutes a considerable chunk of the customers in the general market, the industries need to extend their support to get complete information on pharmaceutical products and other products.

Mazoon has introduced braille packaging to help the blind know their medicines, cosmetics and fast-moving consumer goods and consumer durable well.

Why is it essential to use Braille packaging?

Visually impaired persons may find themselves socially alienated or excluded if they are unable to understand the products well. Besides, every business or manufacturer has the social responsibility to present their products the best way for all ranges of consumers. The failure to read the information on medical packaging or other packages can sometimes cause complications for the users. Braille packaging by Mazoon will help Oman industries to present their products by fulfilling social responsibility.

Blindness denies people the freedom to understand product information and choose their products by reading the inscriptions. Braille packaging can help your customers use the product and communicate with your product. Braille packaging is the dire need of the hour as the governments are trying hard to ensure inclusive living to people's vision problems.

Braille is now used by more than 150 million individuals around the world. Mazoon Printing, Publishing and Packaging LLC ensures that the braille embossed on medical packaging and other packaging is of the highest quality. Our packaging helps customers to medicines without the help of another person. We include only essential information on the packages to help the companies reduce the size of the packages.

How Does Mazoon Help Clients?

Mazoon Print, Publishing and Packaging LLC is a leading printing and packaging company in Oman. We always strive to help the growth of businesses in Oman and ensure the best result for the Omani people. Our mission by launching Braille Packaging is to help our clients meet their social responsibility by offering inclusive support to visually challenged persons. Complete support for packaging, Mazoon guarantees you that you get all the packages on time. Our extensive support system assures that you get the best quality packages suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other products.