Latest Trends in Packaging and Books Printing Industry - A Comprehensive Listing

Date: 31/05/2021

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In this blog, we shall list some of the latest trends that are in the industry.

Trends in Packaging Industry

More Importance to Earthy Tones

People of this modern era are aware of eco-friendly and sustainable practices in any form of businesses. So most of them are interested in incorporating natural elements in their business. The packaging industry is not an exception. These days, most of the packaging industries produce their solutions in neutral and natural colours like brown, green, and blue.

Bold Illustrations that Look Modern and Trendy

Minimalization is a concept that is being proliferated in many industries. But there are also packaging businesses that make use of bold and modern illustrations. They believe that the very intrinsic details can stand out in such designs and the whole branding will look fresh and attractive.

Packages that Convey Stories

Packaging is the first thing that people relate to a brand or product. Conveying stories of your brand on the packaging is a great way to make your brand stand out from competitors. It will definitely help in creating great customer loyalty.

Transparent Packaging

A great degree of authenticity can be evoked by showing the customer what you are exactly selling. Transparent packaging is a trend that has been there for years and that is still on the top list of the packaging industry. 

Personalised Packaging 

Personalised packaging can instantly connect with your customers and make them happy. The product and the brand is going to stay in their minds forever. Ecommerce stores and food delivery packages are great examples of the ones which can be easily personalised for effectively attaining customer delight.

Trends in Book Printing

The Book printing industry is one of the oldest industries in the world. Only that newer trends keeps adding up every year that makes the industry alive and revenue-generating.

Some of the latest trends in this industry are

Eco-Friendly Prints

The world is concerned about the global environment and so the latest trend is to give more focus to environment-friendly and energy-efficient book printing methodologies and practises. One such method is efficiently using ink and toner for printing. There has been an immense change in the composition of ink so that it lasts for a longer time without drying out. 

Three-Dimensional Printing Methods

There has been a greater demand for 3D printing these days. The items printed on flyers and brochures using this technology will look more real and professional.

Commercial Printing with Better Finishes

In order to draw the attention of more potential customers, commercial printing requires digital printing technologies that give end results that have great surface finishes. Today, printers are incorporated with additional modules to perform such highly collaborative operations and produce prints that are of great quality.

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